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Teeth whitening treatment in Richmond

Dentistry@Richmond cares about your smile

Dentistry@Richmond brings a caring approach to dental care that provides value for money. We know that tooth discoloration is one of the elements that affects a person’s smile. This why professional teeth whitening is an important part of our objective to help our patients smile with confidence.

Are you looking for teeth whitening treatment in Richmond, Goulbourn or Stittsville? You can count on Dentistry@Richmond. We provide comprehensive care that whitens your teeth with our safe and quick procedure.

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Brighten your smile with affordable teeth whitening treatment

Teeth Discoloration occurs naturally as we grow older and can be accelerated by other factors even with daily brushing. Drinking coffee, cola, tea or even some medication are known teeth discoloration accelerants. Having a tint in your teeth may be unattractive and affect your smile.

Teeth discoloration is a common experience for most people. However, there’s no need to be self-conscious of your smile or hide your smile because we have your back. Our safe and experienced dentists at Dentistry@Richmond can help you gain your confidence back with our affordable and efficient teeth whitening treatment. The most beautiful thing you can wear is your confidence, which is why teeth whitening treatment is an in-demand choice.

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teeth whitening treatment
Professional teeth whitening

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Teeth Whitening Services

Using a special, light-activated whitening gel, our teeth whitening procedure is a quick and convenient way to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Tooth whitening is a procedure that can lighten the shade of your teeth and remove stains or discoloration caused by ageing, medications, tobacco, coffee, and tea. Dr. Shital Jadhav will often take a photo of your existing tooth colour to monitor your progress and compare the new lighter shade of your teeth throughout treatment.


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Want to learn more about our teeth whitening procedures? Watch this short, informative video about teeth whitening.

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