What Can Be Done To Fix a Chipped Tooth: What Is Right For Me?

Do you have an annoying chip in your teeth? Relax! With several solutions to fit every chip size and shape, fixing a chipped tooth is simple and painless. There are several options available to restore the brightness of your smile, ranging from fast dental bonding for small chips to elegant veneers and protective crowns for more obvious damage.

In this blog, the team at Dentistry@Richmond will explore the various solutions available to fix your chipped tooth dilemma!

Dental Bonding

This is basically an artist’s touch-up for dentists. Your dentist will carefully mould and sculpt a tooth-coloured resin onto the damaged area so that it closely resembles the natural form of your tooth. A specialized light solidifies the resin when everything is right, securing the connection. The finest aspect? The process is quick—usually finished in just one dentist appointment—and mostly painless. Perfect for small damages, it’s like a quick veneer repair that matches your teeth perfectly.


Consider veneers as a stylish way to conceal your teeth. These tiny, precisely constructed shells are precisely attached to the front surface of the afflicted tooth, matching your natural teeth in every way. They work well with somewhat larger chips since they are a little bit more solid than bonding. In addition to providing an impeccable covering for the chip, veneers also have a natural look and durability. They provide protection as well as cosmetic enhancement, much like a new façade for your teeth.


A crown may be the best option if a significant portion of your tooth has chipped off or if the chip has caused structural damage. Crowns cover the whole injured tooth, acting as protective helmets for your teeth. They restore the shape and function of the tooth while offering strength, durability, and protection. Even though it could take a few visits to guarantee a precise fit, they’re a dependable long-term fix for larger chips.

Dental Implants

In extreme situations, if there is a significant chip or significant damage to the tooth, a dental implant may be required. This entails extracting the damaged tooth and replacing it with an artificial tooth that mimics the appearance and characteristics of a real tooth. Although it requires more work, this method provides a thorough fix for significant damage while maintaining both utility and aesthetics. 

Choosing the Right Fix

Several criteria, like the size and position of the chip, your general dental health, and your personal preferences, come into play when determining which choice is ideal for you. Your dental consultation should be the first step in this decision-making process. Let dental experts, like those at Dentistry@Richmond, evaluate the circumstances, go over the benefits and drawbacks of each option, and help you make the best decision.

Whatever the method of restoration, maintaining proper oral hygiene is essential to keeping the restored tooth in optimal condition. Your friends in protecting your oral investment are frequent dental checkups, brushing, and flossing.

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