What To Expect At Your First Dental Appointment

Woman Sitting In Treatment Room And Dental Hygienist Cleaning Her Teeth At First Dental Appointment

Going to the dentist for the first time whether you’re an adult or bringing your child can be a stressful task. Dental anxiety is something we take seriously and we find that preparing for the unknown can help people realize there may be less to worry about than they might have initially imagined. In this blog post, we’ll cover what to expect at your first dental appointment. This includes what to know before, during, and after your visit.


Before The Appointment
Woman Filling Out Patient Form For Fist Dental Appointment

Prior to your first appointment, all tasks will mostly consist of filling out our patient form and reading any information packets or brochures provided. This is the best way to convey your medical history and personal information. Make sure the first appointment booked is at a time that gives you enough room to prepare after work or school and commute to our location.

Before arriving at your first appointment, it’s good practice to familiarize yourself with the insurance coverage you have (if applicable). This way, there are no surprises on your end.


During The appointment

When you arrive at your dental office for the first time (and every time), you will be greeted by front desk staff. Here is where you will check in so the dental staff knows you have arrived and are ready to start your appointment. There’s usually a bit of a wait time before you leave the waiting room and actually enter the treatment room. For your first appointment, the front desk staff will likely go over verifying insurance (if applicable) and guide you through any missing paperwork. Offices like to have recent X-Rays on file, so if it’s your first appointment, you may go through the X-Ray process as well.

Man With Dental Hygienist At His First Dentist Appointment

Once you enter the treatment room, you will start your appointment with a dental hygienist before you see the dentist. Typically, before the cleaning begins, they will provide you with a cover for your chest, as well as eye shields or glasses to protect you from splashing and lighting. Hygienists are responsible for cleaning your teeth with various tools (scraping off plaque, polishing, flossing, fluoride, etc.). You are encouraged to let your hygienist know if you need a break or are in pain. After your teeth are cleaned, the dentist will arrive to do specific checks during a thorough examination. They will take note of any problem areas like gaps, gum issues, cavities, or teeth erosion.


After The appointment

You will be encouraged to continue with oral upkeep like brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing. After the appointment, the next one will be scheduled as well, approximately 6 months later depending on the individual and their needs. If the dental hygienist or dentist finds any issues like a cavity, an appointment to address those will be made as well.


First Appointment For Kids

The first appointment for your kids typically follows the same process explained above for adults. However, we recommend parents prepare their children with details on what to expect when before they arrive at their first official appointment. This can reduce some of the nerves that come along with going to the dentist.


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